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Providing an expert, professional, patient-centred service where each person is treated as an individual.

Providing the highest possible standard of care.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of care for you. This means engaging with your story, listening to your problems, creating individually tailored treatments, and looking after you from the beginning, right through to the end of your journey. Our therapists are chosen not only because of their great training and ability to manage injuries and conditions, but because they care about their patients.

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Quality and outcome for every patient

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Conditions We Treat

We offer a range of treatments tailored to your specific health needs

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"Cannot recommend the clinic highly enough. Nick treated my daughter after knee surgery. Hugely thorough, knowledgeable and caring. There are physio teams and physio teams.... This is the best I've experienced in years."

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"Nick helped me after I started experiencing pain in my hip/leg from weightlifting. He not only identified and guided me through fixing the problem, but has also given me a great deal of valuable advice for my training. Very happy with the results, would definitely recommend."

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This is probably the best physio practice I've been to. I've been to other 'professional' physios that provide treatment for the sake of appearing to do something. The first session is generally a consultation to examine the issues. The ongoing advice and treatment is fantastic."

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy helps relieve pain, speed up healing, and assist in recovering from different medical and surgical problems affecting muscles, joints, and nerves. Physiotherapists use hands-on techniques and advise on exercises and lifestyle changes to prevent future issues. They may also suggest seeing other specialists if needed, like orthopaedic surgeons or pain management experts.

Physiotherapy is beneficial for managing a broad range of health issues impacting various systems in the body. Typically, these issues involve bones, nerves, joints, and soft tissues. Examples include back, neck, and joint pain, sports injuries, accidents, or post-surgery and stroke rehabilitation.

Your physiotherapist will assess your condition thoroughly, considering your medical history and preferences, to create a personalized treatment plan. At MSO Physio in Sutton and Woking, we use advanced equipment like electrotherapy and offer services such as muscle stimulation, shockwave therapy, acupuncture/dry needling, as well as access to our dedicated rehabilitation/Pilates studio and gym facilities.

For most suitable conditions, physiotherapy is highly effective, aiding in rehabilitation, recovery, and injury prevention, as supported by research. The number of sessions needed varies, typically around six sessions at MSO Physio, though it may increase for major surgery or longstanding issues, and decrease for acute problems. Your physiotherapist can provide an estimate of healing timeframes after your initial appointment.

All our physiotherapists at MSO Physio are highly skilled and registered with the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC). We invest in their development through mentoring and training. They all hold at least a BSc degree and are encouraged to pursue further education. Our aim is to provide evidence-based treatments, so we prioritize maintaining high education standards. We choose our physiotherapists based on their experience, and they specialise in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal, sports, and orthopaedic injuries.