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Jessica Field

Jessica Field

Sports Therapist

Jessica’s journey into Sports Therapy commenced with a BSC in Sports Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University, where she honed her understanding of sports-related injuries and their management. Jessica recently furthered her education by completing her Masters in Sports Therapy at London Metropolitan University in 2023, graduating with distinction.

Jess has over 15 years of experience coaching gymnastics and is a Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach. She has used this background to fully understand movement patterns relating to gymnasts and dancers. She has had great success with rehabilitating gymnasts with chronic back pain, fractures, sprains, and growth-related conditions such as Sever’s and Osgood Schlatter’s Disease. She takes pride in developing programmes which keep athletes engaged and positive throughout the rehabilitation process. She also has used her knowledge to implement conditioning programmes to help significantly reduce injuries within her squads.

Jess has had experience working with different sports, including rugby, football and hockey, where she has offered pitch side first aid and has assisted players with soft tissue treatment. She has also provided massage for Harlequins Rugby Club, helping players with their recovery and mobility.

Jess has enjoyed covering the London Marathon on multiple occasions where she has offered treatment and advice to runners following their races. Jess is able to prescribe appropriate and effective treatment and deliver effective rehabilitation and prehabilitation programmes for people from a variety of sporting backgrounds. As a Sports Coach and Sports Therapist Jess is in a position to comprehensively understands an athlete’s needs to reach their full potential.

Jess always endeavours to further her knowledge and understanding, supplementing her degree with additional certifications such as APPI Matwork Pilates training and APPI Therapeutic Yoga. She is also a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and has a Level 3 qualification in Personal Training.

Jess works with all walks of life, encouraging and assisting people to achieve their sporting and fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete or whether you just need some help to return to your hobbies and daily tasks. Jess can assess injuries and musculoskeletal problems and prescribe exercise and therapy techniques to help you return to the activities you love. Jess also undertakes sports MOT’s with clients to improve performance and prevent injuries.
Jess is a full member of the Society of Sports Therapists (SST) and the British Association of Sports Rehabilitation Therapists (BASRat).